What’s Next

Since the urban planning studio group and the Industry Neighborhood Association (INA) has completed the Industry Neighborhood Action Plan (INAP), the neighborhood has full ownership of the plan. The plan should be reviewed and updated regularly in order to stay current with the changing conditions of the neighborhood and the city of Muncie. Preferably, it should be monitored on a yearly basis to make any necessary changes or evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. Elements of the plan can be removed, changed, or added during the reviewing process. Moreover, the INAP should be kept in relation with the Muncie Action Plan (MAP) and major updates should occur every ten years to add recent census data and revised action steps. The management of this plan is an important factor in its implementation in order to keep track of the progress made for each initiative and its actions.

Role of Committees

Residents took a survey to vote for the order of initiatives from highest to lowest priority. They should make a final decision on the order. Once they have agreed upon an official list, a committee should be set up for each goal group (Infrastructure, Housing, Safety, etc.) to carry out the initiatives. Overall, organization and leadership are the keys to accomplishing these tasks. Each committee should then look into the funding sources to start implementing projects.


A purpose of the INA is to guide residents with the information and tools needed to improve their neighborhood. The organization can encourage residents of Industry to participate in the implementation of the iNAP. In order to increase and maintain community activity and participation in the neighborhood, the INA can network to areas that are not involved in the association via flyers or one-on-one conversations. The residents can take advantage of Industry’s current assets and strengths by reaching for financial and physical support through community service. They will be encouraged to join committees and participate in several community projects. The INA should continue to update the action plan based on residents’ inputs and concerns, and inform them of the changes.

Forming Partnerships

To help further the implementation of the iNAP, the INA can network with other neighborhood associations, local businesses, and the city of Muncie. Other neighborhoods can provide volunteers to assist with the committees and give suggestions on how to make successful improvements for the neighborhood. Businesses can become sponsors to provide financial support for projects. The city can also provide funds and volunteers to support the INA. Overall, forming relationships outside of Industry is an effective method for the neighborhood to achieve its goals.


Finding sources of funding for proposed projects is important to making them successful. Each committee should compile all applicable sources of funding for its projects into a list. Grant and loan applications vary in due dates or reviewing sessions throughout the year. Therefore, plans to receive funds from different agencies should be made accordingly. The current suggestions of funding sources throughout the action plan are not fully comprehensive so more research may be needed to find other potential funds. Recently, the INA has received IRS recognition an 501(c)(3) organization. This status is given to non-profit organizations that have a specific purpose that benefits the community. Given this status, the INA is eligible to apply for various types of grants, and accept contributions and donations that are tax-deductible to the donor. More suggestions for raising funds can be found in the Meeting Activities section