Focusing on creating a safe and friendly community, this initiative works with improving speed controls in Industry. Working with different control types, speeds through the neighborhood can be reduced.

Why this is important

This initiative has origins in the survey given to residents and comments made at the public meeting. Based on feedback, there are concerns that speeding along certain neighborhood paths is excessive and not well patrolled. It is an important component to the safety of the neighborhood. This initiative was given a low priority level by the residents and students.

Wide road at Kirby and Hackely

Source: maps.google.com

What this will involve

In order to decrease speeding, the community should consider the following:

  1. Introduction of new traffic signals
  2. Use of speed control devices, like speed humps or speed cushions
  3. Diverting traffic by creating local access only streets
  4. Increase police patrols in the neighborhood through a partnership with the Muncie Police Department

Contact information for assistance sources

Department of Community Development
300 N. High St. City Hall
Muncie, IN 47305-1639
Phone: (765) 747-4825
Fax:     (765) 747-4898
Contact: Terry Whitt Bailey
Email: tbailey@cityofmuncie.org

Muncie Police Department

300 N. High St. City Hall
Muncie, IN 47305-1639
Phone: (765) 213-6440
Contact: Sgt. Mike Engle
Email: mengle@cityofmuncie.com

Priority analysis

Focusing on the streets where speeding most frequently occurs, speed control and speed limit enforcement should be first executed along Madison, Kirby, Willard, and Hackley . See ‘Speeding Control’ Map for detail.

Speeding Priority Map -- Source: Kenneth Hughes

Speeding Priority Map — Source: Kenneth Hughes

Case studies

Case Study One

The City of Grosse Point, Michigan installed speed cushions in the interest of not only calming traffic but allowing emergency vehicles to traverse the street without compromising response time. After a trial period, the results indicated that traffic slowed around 13% on stretches of road with the speed cushions. Because of weather, the speed cushions are removed during the winter and reinstalled in the spring. Payment for the speed cushions came out of the capital roads fund and took about one year from inception, through studies, and recommendations. Critical criteria were developed for eligibility, and most important is the adopted standard of going into streets in the 85th percentile of speed in the neighborhood. This way the most critical streets receive speed cushions first.

Source http://nacto.org/docs/usdg/speed_cushions_grossepoint.pdf

Source: nacto.org

Source: nacto.org

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