Trash and Litter

The Trash and Litter initiative relates to the MAP Initiative 3: Strengthening Pride & Image. Having clean streets, lots, and public spaces creates a sense of hospitality and welcome that contributes to both pride from within the community, and also produces a positive image to visitors outside of the community. By clearing the area of trash and litter, the town of Muncie will strengthen both.

Litter and trash can cause many problems, but most importantly, trash is ugly and it is harmful to humans, to animals and to the environment. Trash makes communities unattractive and visitors are less likely to come to the area. Additionally, the presence of unmanaged waste & trash drives down property values. Additionally, litter is a health hazard to humans, animals, and the environment. Litter on sidewalks or along curbs can be washed into storm drains during a heavy rains. Eventually, this water leads into the river and water treatment plants.

Litter affects animals, who might mistake litter floating in the water as food and choke on it. Animals can also get entangled in litter, too. Litter can carry germs, which harms everyone. Animals who are attracted to litter can pick up the germs and become carriers for diseases that may make people and other animals sick.

This initiative was identified by residents of Industry at the first Industry Neighborhood Association meeting. The Industry Neighborhood Association regularly holds community clean ups. It is an important initiative because it will help to improve many other parts of the INAP, including the health of residents, cut down on stray animals, improve the environment and public image.

What this will involve

The Industry Neighborhood Association holds regular trash clean ups around the community, but more volunteers are needed to make this initiative more successful and to have an even greater impact. There are many ways that volunteerism can be increased, and the very first step is simply to ask. Is

Consider asking local businesses to donate supplies and equipment that are needed for a cleanup, like trashbags and gloves.

Contact Information

Neighborhood Cleanup Programs

Muncie Sanitary District

Call regarding spring and fall neighborhood cleanups.

(765) 747-4865

Case studies

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful is a non-profit with a mission “to engage diverse communities to create vibrant public places, helping people and nature thrive.” Each year, KIB supports an average of 500 community improvement projects with more than 30,000 volunteers. For the past three decades, they have partnered with neighborhoods, the public sector, and Indianapolis community groups and businesses to achieve their vision for a beautiful city. KIB has created several specific initiatives, like adopt-a-block, in which volunteers pick up litter, remove graffiti, remove high weeds and grass, at the smallest city unit, the block. Tackling the smallest unit is perhaps the best place to start for a community just beginning its efforts.



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