Goals and Initiatives

Based off our research into the history and demographics of the neighborhood, surveying the residents, and working with residents during monthly neighborhood meetings, we created five goal groups. These goal groups contain “initiatives” based off specific requests we received from the residents at the first neighborhood meeting and in the surveys: specifically, what neighborhood improvements the residents told us they would like, whether those were physical, social, economic, or environmental improvements.

The action steps in each initiative came about through either our own innovation or by researching case studies. Each of these initiatives was thoroughly thought out, revised, and reviewed multiple times by all team members. A combination of photos and hand renderings were used to characterize the neighborhood and effectively communicate ideas to Industry residents.  We welcome feedback from the community on each initiative.

The five goal groups are:

At the March neighborhood meeting, residents voted individually on the three initiatives they felt were most important to Industry.  We students voted as well.  After the votes were tallied, we broke all the initiatives into three priority levels: high, medium, and low.  High priority initiatives, because they received so many votes, could be the first initiatives acted upon by the neighborhood association.  Medium and low priority initiatives are no less important to Industry, but might be started after the high priority initiatives.  It is up to the neighborhood association and residents to decide in what order they want to work on the initiatives within each priority level.  The breakdown is as follows:


High priority initiatives are at the top, highlighted in green.  Medium priority initiatives are highlighted in yellow, and low priority initiatives in red.