Area Three

SWOT Analysis


Image: Ty Adley


When walking around Industry you can identify that this community has a number of strengths that sets it apart from other neighborhoods and what makes it special to its many residents.  In area 3 of the Industry Neighborhood, you can see that there is a strong sense of community as you walk up and down its sidewalks.  There is a large park that is located just south called Heekin Park that can hold multiple kinds of events.   The neighborhood is located on a couple of MITS routes and is only a short walk from downtown Muncie.  There is also a neighborhood school which can be seen as ideal for parents with young children.  Also when considering the neighborhood was built on a grid pattern, this makes it extremely easy for residents to navigate around.  These strengths make the Industry Neighborhood special and all of which can be found within area three.


Image: Ty Adley


Although there are great strengths in the area, there are some potential weaknesses as well.  While observed during the winter months large sections of sidewalks were not shoveled and some areas did not have sidewalks at all.  One major part for survival is food and there were no full service grocery stores within a walking distance of the neighborhood.  While inventorying the neighborhood it was found that there was a lack of resources for persons with disabilities.



Image: Ty Adley


Even though there are weaknesses of the Industry Neighborhood, there are great opportunities waiting to take place in the community.  While observing the neighborhood, there were some vacant lots that could be repurposed that could provide an abundant of uses for the neighborhood.  Area three has direct access to a major commercial corridor and with a little reinvestment and new business the corridor could be revitalized and returned to its heyday.  The neighborhood borders Madison and Willard which are major N/S and E/W corridors for travel around Muncie.  There are a multitude of light infrastructure around the neighborhood and with the proper maintenance and use; this could bolster the safety of the neighborhood.  These opportunities are ripe for the taking and could take the Industry Neighborhood to the next level.




Image: Ty Adley


When there are opportunities to enhance a community there always seems to be threats trying to undo those opportunities.  There is a concern on crime where statistics show that the Industry Neighborhood has a higher than average crime rate compared to the rest of Muncie.  If the abandoned lots are left unmaintained property values will decrease and crimes are said to hover around these types of areas.  Vacant and abandoned homes also contribute to unwanted crime and can become a safety hazard for residents, especially children.  With major crossroads, high speed traffic leads to an increased potential for somebody to get hurt.


Existing Conditions Source: Ty Adley