Area One

SWOT Analysis


Millennium Place provides an area of the neighborhood that shows how affordable housing can be attractive and good quality. It can instill pride in neighborhood residents and provide a model for a more attractive, appealing environment. Price Hall is a huge neighborhood asset, providing a gathering space where residents can come together and get to know each other, discuss issues and celebrate successes. The Willard St. retail/business sector provides a template for a possible revitalization of neighborhood businesses such as a local grocery store, hardware store, or other retail or service provides the residents need or want to see locate in Industry. Long-time residents of Industry are important to the neighborhood for the knowledge they can provide to newer residents and government officials that can then be used to make improvements that the neighborhood association can see. Faith-based communities, or church groups, can provide a strong sense of community within a neighborhood, and provide important support services to members in times of need.

A view of Millennium Place. Source: Brock Goodwin

A view of Millennium Place. Source: Brock Goodwin


Abandoned/vacant housing and businesses encourage a sense of overall abandonment and can deter new businesses and residents from moving into the area. This, along with declining housing stock, lowers property values. Having a high renter, or transient, population makes it difficult to build a true sense of community, or a sense that residents belong, because the population is always changing. Renters are less likely to take ownership in the neighborhood and to get involved with neighborhood associations and other organizations within the community. Street and sidewalk conditions make it difficult for residents, especially the disabled population, to easily navigate around the neighborhood. Poor sidewalk conditions discourage people from being out on the street, which makes the neighborhood seem less safe than it may actually be. There is a possibility that disconnect exists between Millennium Place and the surrounding neighborhood, creating a fractured community. We want to ensure that residents within Millennium Place and the residents of Industry outside of Millennium Place feel that each has its place and voice within the neighborhood. The Madison St. underpass is an unsafe area of the neighborhood, especially during heavy rain events, as it floods easily. The railroad causes noise and traffic backups that are not attractive to residents of Industry or of Muncie in general.

The railroad overpass along Madison Street. Source: Brock Goodwin

The railroad overpass along Madison Street. Source: Brock Goodwin.


Industry and especially Area One is situated in close proximity to downtown Muncie, providing a connection between the neighborhood and the rest of the city. Hopefully, revitalization efforts in downtown and in Industry will make for a more vibrant city overall. Ball State University is full of faculty and students who could potentially volunteer their time and expertise for classes including but not limited to home repairs, exercise, art and a lot of other topics. Heekin Park is a beautiful community green space with a lot of history and an a place to provide gatherings, workshops and other social events to the residents of Industry and Muncie as a whole. Muncie-based organizations like Farmished, Inside Out and the Ball Brothers Foundation do a lot to support the local community, and can be utilized in the Industry Neighborhood. Unity Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Muncie are community centers located near Heekin Park that provide youth as well as senior programs, and should be working with the Industry Neighborhood Association to expand programming to reach more of the neighborhood residents.

A view of Downtown Muncie near Canan Commons. Source: Brock Goodwin

A view of Downtown Muncie near Canan Commons. Source: Brock Goodwin.


The local market/economy is not currently appealing to businesses or new residents, and is providing few if any incentives to locate within Industry and other neighborhoods throughout Muncie. Job opportunities are few, making it difficult for families to make a living and support themselves. The seeming lack of relationships between city entities/local residents/university students, faculty and staff threaten to create an even more divided Muncie, when each group should be working together to make Muncie a better place for all. Actual and perceived crime rates make the neighborhood seem unsafe, and families are hesitant to allow children out and about on their own, individuals are reluctant to be out on the streets, etc.

An abandoned boarded-up home in Industry. Source: Brock Goodwin

An abandoned boarded-up home in Industry. Source: Brock Goodwin.

Existing Conditions
Existing Conditions. Source: Brock Goodwin

Existing Conditions. Source: Brock Goodwin.