Executive Summary

Executive Summary


The purpose of Industry Neighborhood Action Plan (INAP) is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Industry neighborhood and change perceptions of the neighborhood to create a more positive image. The function of the document is to:

  1. State the neighborhood’s needs and wants
  2. Become a tool to improve neighborhood’s conditions
  3. Guide current and future growth
  4. Provide information for implementing and carrying out initiatives

To ensure the INAP’s success, the residents and neighborhood leaders should consider the opportunities and improvements outlined by this document. Involvement from all residents, volunteers, and outside partners is vital to reach this plan’s potential and to create enriched neighborhoods. When successful, the INAP will have addressed:

  1. Infrastructure
    • Street Lights
    • Drainage
    • Streets, Curbs, and Sidewalks
    • Lighting and Alleys
    • Road Sightlines
    • Street Trees
  2. Housing
    • Upkeep of Lots
    • Neglect of Property
    • Trash and Litter
    • Increase Home Values
    • Encourage Home Ownership
    • Housing Maintenance Assistance
    • Homeowner Landscaping and Sustainability
  3. Social/ Community
    • Youth Stewards
    • Noise Nuisance
    • Police Relations
    • Community Classes
    • Senior Center
    • Neighborhood Taskforce
    • Drug Abuse
    • Building Neighborhood Relationships and Events
    • Community Garden Program
    • Signage Locations
    • Public Art
  4. Business/ Economy
    • Grocery
    • Laundromat / Dry cleaner
    • Restaurants
  5. Safety
    • Stray Dogs
    • Abandoned Homes/Vacant Lots
    • Police Relations
    • Speeding

Connection to MAP

The Muncie Action Plan (MAP) drove the creation of the INAP’s goals and initiatives. The MAP was created in July 2010 and contains guidelines for prosperous and sustainable community development. Initiatives include: Linking Learning, Health and Prosperity; Fostering Collaboration; Strengthening Pride and Image; Creating Attractive and Desirable Places; and Managing Community Resources. Each initiative of the INAP integrates ideas from the MAP. The connection between these two plans is essential for the neighborhood and Muncie to make positive progress towards revitalization. The plans share several similar sustainable ideas that could generate support for the INAP and motivate residents to act as leaders in its implementation.

Mission Statement

The Industry neighborhood does not currently have a mission statement. Once a neighborhood board is formed, one of their first tasks will be to create a mission statement. The mission statement should encompass the present and future goals of the neighborhoods.

Industry and the Ball State University Department of Urban Planning

The Industry community has received assistance from multiple organizations and institutions, including the Ball State University (BSU) Department of Urban Planning to help create this neighborhood action plan (INAP). The Industry leaders, specifically Clifford Clemons, are working with the BSU students to motivate, organize, and connect with Industry residents. The BSU students have worked directly Industry residents to meet the goals listed above in the Process. Some techniques include direct observation and analysis of the neighborhoods, public meetings, neighborhood surveying, and design oriented around Industry. By pairing with BSU, the Industry Neighborhood Association hopes to help the Industry community achieve its goals and foster improvement long into the future.